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Our Doctors (in alphabetic order)

Our doctors enjoy working together as a team that encourages professional excellence and growth.

Dr. I. Elizabeth Borgmann

Veterinary medicine is Dr. Borgmann’s second career! She started out in molecular biology (gene cloning) and was working for the National Research Council in Saskatoon when her beloved black lab escaped and was hit by a car. Devastated, Dr. Borgmann’s husband took their dog to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine for treatment. Only then did he find out it was Dr. Borgmann’s life long dream to become a veterinarian. With his encouragement & support she left her career and returned to school. Dr. Borgmann has never looked back! While in Saskatoon Dr. Borgmann worked with the Zoological Society and the Forestry Farm Park and Zoo to develop their interpretive zoo programs and was integral in convincing the city to build an on site hospital for the care & treatment of the animals at the zoo. Dr. Borgmann’s enjoyment of exotic animals continues in her practice today and has shared her home and heart with a variety of exotic pets. Dr. Borgmann’s other areas of interest in veterinary medicine are pain management, diagnostic imaging and feline medicine. Dr. Borgmann currently lives with 3 cats, a lab, a rabbit and a husband! When not working, Dr. Borgmann enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening and traveling.

Dr. Mike Geen   

Dr. Geen grew up in South Africa surrounded by a menagerie of pets that ranged from cats and dogs to snakes, frogs, parrots, rats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, scorpions and spiders. In high school, the weekends and holidays were split between working at the local zoo and helping out at his neighbourhood vet clinic.
Before becoming a vet Dr. Geen worked as zoologist, studying towards a PhD on the ecology of venomous snakes in the Australian outback. After a few years of wandering the arid sand dunes, learning about Australia's amazing wildlife, he  decided to pursue his passion for helping animals and transferred into the veterinary medicine program. In 2016 Dr. Geen graduated with distinction from the Murdoch University College of Veterinary Medicine in Perth, Australia.
Dr. Geen joined the team at Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital after making the move from Australia to Canada in April 2017.
He has a special interest in exotic animal medicine and surgery, especially reptiles. Since arriving in Canada his scaly family has already grown by 9 members.
Outside of veterinary medicine, he enjoy doing renovations, gardening, herping, camping and exploring the great outdoors and attractions that Canada has to offer.

Dr. Eric Lawrence

Veterinary medicine is a family tradition for me. My wife, father, two brothers, sister-in-law, uncle and cousin are all veterinarians. I grew up in rural Alberta near the town of Westlock where my family had dogs, cats and horses. I learned about veterinary medicine from my father who would take me out in the cold winter nights to help with caesarean surgeries on cows and other emergencies. He was the inspiration for my two brothers and I to become veterinarians. I attended the University of Alberta graduating with a degree in Agriculture in 2008, then graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. I met my wife in vet school and worked at a small animal clinic in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for three years until she finished her school. Then we moved out to the west coast to try out its favorable climate and move closer to her family who lives near White Rock.
In my veterinary career and home life I have developed a profound affinity and love for cats. The human-animal bond is very important to me and I strive to bring that relationship to the optimal level for all of my clients and their pets. My wife and I have three cats which we adore: Rudy, Jessie and Maddie. When not at work I can be found taking Rudy on a walk with his harness around our apartment, waterskiing or riding my bike during the summer and on the ski slopes or snowmobiling during the winter.
I am very excited to be working at Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital where every aspect of comfort and health to you and your pet has been taken into consideration. I am very excited to meet you.

Dr. Taylor and The Lizard

Dr. Christopher Taylor

Dr. Taylor is a native of Ottawa, Ontario.  After completing an undergraduate degree in biology at Queen's University in Kingston he was admitted to the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. Graduating in 1994, he immediately moved West and began practice first on Vancouver Island and then Surrey, BC where he worked for 10 years. In 2005 he and his family moved to Abbotsford where he had taken over Abbotsford Veterinary Hospital.
Shortly after his arrival he recognized that there was a need for someone knowledgeable about veterinary orthopedics within the Fraser Valley. He decided to invest time over the next 10 years in pursuit of more advanced orthopedic training. Dr. Taylor is a general practitioner with a special interest in veterinary orthopedics and has undertaken numerous advanced continuing education including the world recognized AO/ASIF series on Principles, Advanced, and Masters Courses in Veterinary Orthopedics.  This includes topics on a variety a methods to repair fractured bones, surgical correction of limb deformities, patellar luxation, and repair of ruptured cruciate ligaments including the TPLO and TTA2 techniques. He is a member of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society and of the AOVET Foundation. It is his great honour that other local veterinary clinics continue to refer their troubling orthopedic cases to him. Outside of veterinary medicine, he is passionate about skiing, martial arts and homebrewing in spite of his limited skills in these areas. He lives in Abbotsford with his wife, son and two Border Collies.

Dr. Christine Smetschka

What first attracted Dr. Smetschka to veterinary medicine was a deep desire to help animals and their people. While not having any additional official certificates beyond her veterinary medicine degree, Dr. Smetschka enjoys taking continuing education seminars on a wide variety of topics related to her work, and staying abreast of any new developments that are available to help her patients and clients live a healthier, more enjoyable life. 

Outside of work, you can find Christine gardening and hanging with her dogs.