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Therapeutic Exercise

Here you will find the links to the therapeutic exercises prescribed to our pet.

Underwater Treadmill is a unique way to exercise your dog.  Whether your pet needs to burn off extra energy, burn off extra calories, or recover from injury, the buoyancy of the water combined with it's resistance and hydrostatic effects make it a gentle, yet physically demanding work out.  Clean, warm, filtered water helps your dog's muscles, ligaments and tendons stretch and work to their best capacity.  Your pet will be carefully monitored by our trained staff to ensure that they receive maximum benefit from their experience in our treadmill.
We are excited to bring this novel exercise experience to the pets of the Fraser Valley!  Do you have questions if this form of exercise could benefit your pet?  Please give us a call to find out if it would be suitable for your pet.
Examples of excellent uses of this mode of exercise include: arthritic pets, pets that need to burn extra calories or energy, and pets recovering from orthopedic and neurological injuries.