Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital

#2 - 1993 Riverside Road
Abbotsford, BC V2S4J8


Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital

About Us

Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital is proud to showcase one of the newest and most exciting animal hospital concepts in the Fraser Valley.

The needs of our various pet friends have been carefully considered in the design of this hospital to reduce their stress and anxiety when coming to a hospital for a health examination and possible hospitalization.  The need for rapid diagnostics and treatment has also been taken into consideration.

Just what does it take to reduce your pet’s stress at the hospital? Different pet species should be kept separate as much as possible so that they do not see, hear or smell each other. Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital has managed to do this by designing two distinct reception areas (one for cats only), designated species exam rooms, separately ventilated cat, dog and exotic wards and spatial separation of dogs from the other pets.

Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital is also excited to be able to offer state of the art diagnostic tools for all the animal companions – including in-house chemistry labs, the newest in radiology, ultrasound, and endoscopy. We are the reference site for the brand new high-definition Logiq R6 Next-Gen ultrasound.
Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital offers a wide range of dental and surgery care – from the basics to the more complicated. It has two operating rooms, one of which is designed for involved such as cruciate ligament injury repair/TPLOs and bone plating for fractures. And if your pet has injured themselves, or is recovering from surgery, they can benefit from Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital’s physiotherapy room.  With class 4 therapeutic laser, an underwater treadmill and various other physiotherapy modalities, your pet is bound to feel better soon!

Our staff is committed to ever improving the care your pet receives. All team members – from the veterinarians, animal health technologists, veterinary assistants and receptionists – partake in ongoing continuing education programs.  That is because your pets are important! And we want to be the best we possibly can be – for both of you. Abbotsford deserves this!