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Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process through photo-bio-modulation. Laser therapy is effective in treating chronic conditions, acute conditions, and post- surgical pain and inflammation. Laser therapy is a painless use of laser energy to generate a photo-chemical response in damaged or dysfunctional tissue. Laser therapy can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. As rehabilitation specialists know, the main goal of treatment for many painful, debilitating conditions is to facilitate improved function and mobility. 

The laser light is delivered through a non-invasive hand piece to treat the affected area. Your pet may feel a gentle and soothing warmth. Treatment protocols are unique to each patient and condition. Therefore treatments will vary in time, complexity and cost. It can be used to enhance other treatment plans recommended by your veterinarian. Laser therapy is a drug-free, surgery-free technique to help make that goal a reality.

Clinical Benefits

→  Non-pharmacologic pain relief
→  Effective for difficult conditions
→  Alternative to surgery
→  Fast treatment times
→  Easy, comfortable, non-invasive treatment
→  Scientifically-proven

Acute Conditions

→  Wounds
→  Allergies
→  Infections
→  Cuts/Bites
→  Inflammation
→  Tooth Extractions
→  Sprains, Strains and Fractures
→  Post-Surgical Healing and Pain Relief

Chronic Conditions

→  Degenerative Joint Disease
→  Inflmamatory Bowel Disease
→  Periodontal Disease
→  Lick Granulomas
→  Geriatric Care
→  Hip Dysplasia
→  Feline Acne
→  Tendonitis
→  Arthritis
→  Otitis
→  and much more!