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Dr. Taylor and The Lizard
Dr. Chris Taylor
Dr. Taylor is a native of Ottawa, Ontario.  After completing an undergraduate degree in biology at Queen's University in Kingston he was admitted to the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. Graduating in 1994, he immediately moved West and began practice first on Vancouver Island and then Surrey, BC where he worked for 10 years.
In 2005 he and his family moved to Abbotsford where he had taken over Abbotsford Veterinary Hospital.
Shortly after his arrival he recognized that there was a need for someone knowledgeable about veterinary orthopedics within the Fraser Valley. He decided to invest time over the next 10 years in pursuit of more advanced orthopedic training. 
Dr. Taylor is a general practitioner with a special interest in veterinary orthopedics and has undertaken numerous advanced continuing education including the world recognized AO/ASIF series on Principles, Advanced, and Masters Courses in Veterinary Orthopedics.  This includes topics on a variety a methods to repair fractured bones, surgical correction of limb deformities, patellar luxation, and repair of ruptured cruciate ligaments including the TPLO and TTA2 techniques. He is a member of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society and of the AOVET Foundation.
It is his great honour that other local veterinary clinics continue to refer their troubling orthopedic cases to him.
Outside of veterinary medicine, he is passionate about skiing, martial arts and homebrewing in spite of his limited skills in these areas.
He lives in Abbotsford with his wife, son and two Border Collies.